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Bossy Buck Thinks He's Famous

Well, the book arrived this week -- beautiful, with a shiny, glorious cover! We heard from our co-author that people are already buying copies. This is great because a portion of proceeds from the book sales will help pay for more super-hero, life-saving buckets to help families in Haiti.

But the other main thing I have to tell you today is that Bossy Buck is being outrageous. If you're reading the book and haven't gotten to the spot where you meet Bossy Buck, just wait. You'll see pretty quickly what I mean.

He claims that he will be appearing on several morning talk shows, making the rounds of talk radio, appearing online in videos, during commercials for prime time TV shows, and on and on and on.

The Little Lids believe anything, so they are busy asking Bossy Buck to gather celebrity autographs. Mr. Sawyer remains silent on the matter. But we buckets will believe it when we see his plane tickets!


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