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Superhero Buckets Release First Book!

Hi there. Bucket 96 here. I know you might find it strange to stumble upon a blog written by a talking bucket. The Internet has everything these days, doesn't it?

It's not easy for a bucket to type, you know. I have to rely on the patience and understanding of Tricia Offutt, my personal assistant (ok, ok, my co-author), whenever I want to communicate.

The big news for now is this: the book is coming!! The Little Lids can hardly sleep and Bossy Buck is busy lining up appearances on every morning talk show imaginable (even though his name isn't even on the cover).

Bucket 96: From Lemons to Clear Water is available for pre-order from Amazon.

Remember, buy a copy or buy a billion-jillion if you can! But whether you buy one or many, know that a portion of proceeds from every book goes towards clean water efforts in Haiti and other places throughout the world.

Even if you can't be a super hero bucket, you can still help us super hero buckets travel to the neediest places in the world and save lives.

Thank you for your support!

Love, Bucket 96

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