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Yum, Yum, Yummy! Lemonade time!

Luke -- a real life kid who inspired the character Luke in our book -- will be setting up his LemonAID stand next Tuesday, July 7 in Naperville, IL!

Each summer, Luke and his siblings -- Mitchell and Makayla (Coco) pitch in to raise money for clean water efforts in Haiti.

Their generosity is featured in the newly released book Bucket 96: From Lemons to Clear Water by Tricia Offutt (well, obviously, we buckets wrote the book, but we needed her to type it up for us).

Now, maybe the Midwest is a long way for you to go for a glass of lemonade. Don't worry! You can still support the effort. Here's how:

From now through the end of July, anyone who purchases a copy of the book through or can opt to donate $3.95 per book purchased towards Luke's LemonAID. This does NOT raise your total price. It just lets us know that you want a portion of your purchase to be directly donated to Luke's fundraiser.

This unstoppable sibling team has raised thousands of dollars in a matter of a few years. Become a part of their Bucket 96 story!

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